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Murder at The Palace Theatre!

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During Les Miserables rehearsals at the theatre, one of the lead characters, Marius, played by Vincente Lopez, was murdered! The scene of the crime was quickly cordoned off and six suspects identified.

Follow this page this week as the investigation unfolds.... 

The Suspects

Jenny Albright (Director)
Jenny is an experienced and respected director who has worked on many successful West-End productions, including Phantom, Wicked and Cats, However, she is finding Les Mis the hardest job so far. It is not only impossible to direct Vincente but the cast and crew are continually moaning about him.

Courtney Brooks (Understudy for Marius)
Courtney has been the understudy for Marius for five years and has not once had the opportunity to play the part since Vincente does not believe in taking extra time off. He is beginning to feel that if he doesn't have the chance to play Marius in the near future he will soon be considered too old to play the part.

Fliss Collard (Stage Manager)
Fliss has the role of ensuring that all the props and set are in place at the right time. She is particularly responsible for ensuring that the blanks are safely loaded into the rifles 5 minutes before each show. She has seen Vincente deliberately moving props to make her look incompetent.

Monica Nash (Assistant Director)
Monica has worked in regional theatres for over 20 years and was delighted to be appointed assistant director of Les Mis: her dream job. Unfortunately her dreams were soon to be shattered when she had the misfortune of trying to direct Vincente who made her job a nightmare. She walked out after only two weeks.

Derrington Gates (Musical Director)
Derrington has worked as Musical Director at the Palace Theatre for eight years and has had a very successful career spanning 35 years. However, recently he has been deeply unhappy as Vincente has started to undermine him in front of the cast and crew. Very reluctantly, he has decided to take early retirement in May.

Mackenzie McBain (Jean Valjean)
MacKenzie is an experienced actor from Glasgow who is very proud of being born in Scotland. He has the unfortunate job of sharing many of his scenes with Vincente who he does not get on with. According to gossip he is beginning to tire of spending most of his working life with such an unpleasant man.

Arguments Afoot!

Arguments afoot!

Amidst a rousing rehearsal for the upcoming stage musical, Les Miserables, arguments at the Palace Theatre were afoot. It seems Vincente Lopez was not really in tune with what was going on and made several enemies amongst the production workers and actors.

What outrageous accusations there were as to the musical ability of the production's Musical Director, Derrington Gates - it seems it isn't enough just to recognise the notes on the page....according to our victim, Vincente, an effort should then be made to play them in the correct order. Perhaps Vincente has let it slip that the piano is not Derrington's forte...

As rehearsals progressed, it became clear that the leading stars were vying for the spot light. Whatever you do, remember from which end of the UK star performer MacKenzie McBain originates! During rehearsals, amidst artistic differences, Vincente forgot this and shouted MacKenzie down during the heated argument that ensued. The stage is clearly not big enough for both performers! Did the crime serve as a stark reminder not to use that tone with MacKenzie McBain?

Let's face it, Courtney Brooks, the Understudy, has only one opportunity to appear on stage - and that's if Vincente is otherwise indisposed. Desperate to take a leading position and willing to go to any lengths did his actions only lead to treble?

If the rehearsal was anything to go by, Jenny Albright, Director, may herself be parting company with the Les Miserables production soon and, like Vincente, it may not be of her own choosing. As the stars took to the stage, there was less directing and more refereeing. Perhaps she needed to remember that this was a theatre and not a boxing ring!

Fliss Collard, Stage Manager, seemed to be running a tight ship with a free hand in getting people in the right places at the right time. Just look at what she achieved with the staging of the large choir. In her role as overseer of organisation, did she manage to orchestrate the demise of Vincente?

It didn't go unnoticed that Monica Nash, Assistant Director, left the stage quite early on in the rehearsal citing an inability to work with Vincente. With time on her hands, did she stage the most horrendous murder ever to take place in a theatre?

As investigations commence, let's hope everyone will be Less Miserable now the argumentative and inconsiderate Vincent Lopez has been dispatched...and that the culprit will soon be under arrest!

PRESS RELEASE - Monday 1500hours

It was discovered this morning that Vincente Lopez was not a Spaniard after all, but was born and grew up in Romford, Essex, as Vinnie Brown. He had never been to Spain and certainly couldn't speak the language.

Essex Police

PRESS RELEASE - Tuesday 1500hours

Despite our determined efforts to find out what is going on with the current investigation, nothing conclusive has yet been revealed. What we can confirm is that the Forensic team have been testing blood, fibres and footprints.  

Daily Times

News Update - Interviews with the Public


Breaking News - Wednesday 1530hours

One of our reporters saw a candlestick being removed from the crime scene at the back of the Theatre with, what appeared to be, bloodstains down the side. Police have not yet confirmed whether this forms a significant part of their investigations.

Daily Times

The culprit revealed!

There was a flurry of activity this morning at The Palace Theatre this morning as the local Police arrived to arrest the murderer!  After an extensive forensic investigation it was revealed that Courtney Brooks was indeed the murderer. He did attempt a getaway however police gave chase and captured him shortly after. He was carted off (very noisily) to the local station for formal charging.

Science Week Roundup

Watch our video for a taster of Science Week at Holmwood - including the final conclusion to the 'Murder at The Palace Theatre' investigate and the arrest of the culprit!