Element News - Week 8


We had a fantastic Element meeting! However this week was slightly different since it is World Book Day! The Talbot Room was decorated with incredible costumes, and the Year 7s & 8s judged the costumes, which was a very tough decision. In the end we managed to narrow it down to one person who was... Adam D dressed as Mr Stink! Well done, Adam.

The sports reports were very positive, we were all impressed with the effort and sportsmanship that everyone put in their matches. Another great week for Air, well done!

Davina M



This week we were in the art room for our Element meeting because everything was set up for the Years 4 & 5 production ‘Rock Bottom’. 

One of the jokes from this week's entertainment were
“How do trees get online? They log in”. 

In the juniors, Miss Denny’s tutor group star average was 5.8 and Ava B got 27 show ups. Mr Jeffries’s tutor group beat Miss Denys with an average 18.1 and Daniel C got 42 show ups. In the seniors, Mr Cortes’ and Madame Mookherjee’s tutor group they won by default as Mr Smith did not enter his stars. They got an average of 11.9 with Jesse D getting 31 show ups. 

This weeks quote was
“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced”.

This time for entertainment we played a ‘Kahoot’ on children's films. Kalani won with the Year 4s coming 2nd.
Sam F


This week, Water’s Element meeting was held down in the cellars due to the Year 7 & 8 exams in the library. 

As it was World Book Day we had some fantastic costumes from the students from Year 4 to 6. Well done and thank you to everyone who dressed up but a especially big well done to Sam T who won the Element vote for the best costume!

This past week PS7 and all of Year 8 have had exams. Well done to everybody. We hope all of the revision paid off!

The junior individual stars winner this week was Sam T. The junior tutor group star winner was Mrs Goldring’s group. For the senior stars, the individual winner was Flynn P and the tutor group winners were Mr Lesiak’s group.

For the activity we played a quick game of ‘Heads and Tails’ and the winner was Harry H.

Good luck to everyone in there matches next week and well done to everybody who did exams this week!

Martha M and Margot F