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School Videos (Virtual Tours) & Extra-Curricular

Holmwood House Video - An Overview


Aerial view of Holmwood House Prep School, Colchester, Essex, England, UK

The Arts, Sports & Activities Programme at Holmwood

Tennis Ball Challenge - March 2020

Year 6 & 7 Production 'Mary Poppins' - March 2020

School's 98th Birthday - November 2019


2mins with Reception - October 2019

We spent 2mins with Reception to find out what they enjoyed about their first half-term at Holmwood!

Songfest 2019

Highlights of the annual Element singing competition, this year judged by Claire Weston


Bellevue U11 Rugby Festival October 2019

Highlights of the Holmwood team during the Bellevue U11 Rugby Festival held at Holmwood

New Pre-Reception Class

An overview of our new Pre-Reception class opening in September 2019

Year 8 Final Production Video (July 2019)

Years 4 & 5 "Rock Bottom" Photograph Video (March 2019)

All pupils in Years 4 and 5 took part in this year's amazing performance of the stone age musical, "Rock Bottom".

Years 6 & 7 "Madagascar" Photograph Video (March 2019)

All pupils in Years 6 and 7 took part in this year's colourful performance of "Madagascar"!

Year 3 Tag Rugby and Netball Festival (March 2019)

Our Year 3s were brilliant on Friday in their first sports tournament of their school careers. 

Young Voices at the O2 (2019)

As part of their musical opportunities at Holmwood, Year 4 pupils are able to take part in the annual Young Voices concert at the O2. Watch this video to see all the fun from this year's trip!



Tutor/Tutee Mentoring Sessions (January 2019)

As part of our commitment to ensuring we provide the best possible learning experience for each child, we hold twice-yearly Tutor/Tutee Mentoring sessions which aim to ensure children have ownership of their learning and understand the steps required to reach their full potential. Watch this video to learn more about the sessions from the children's perspective.


Year 8 Ball & Year 8 Leavers' Video 2018

Year 2 Colne Valley Railway Trip (2018-19)

"Beauty & the Beast" - Years 6 and 7 production March 2018

"Alice, the Musical!"  -  Years 4 and 5 production February 2018

 Songfest 2017

Songfest 2017 click HERE


Summer Fete 2017

Summer Fete 2017

Year 5 Bushcraft Weekend

 Year 3 Iron Man - Outdoor Learning

 2017 Tag Rugby & Netball High Fives Festival 

 The Pre-Prep Christmas Productions 2016

 The School's 95th Birthday Celebrations 2016