Element News - Week 3


In this week’s meeting we started to get back into the rhythm of things after the long spring break. We started it all off with some fun facts, the best of the week being ‘The first sales pitch for the Nerf ball was “Nerf: You can’t hurt babies or old people!”’. 

In the juniors Miss Denny’s tutor group; Benjamin B and James M with 11 show ups each and their tutor group average was 3.6. In Mr Jeffries' tutor group Edward R had 45 show ups and a whopping average of 25 smashing Miss Dennys tutor group. In the seniors, Mr Cortes and Madame Mookherjee’s tutor group won. Luca A got the most show ups in their tutor group (14) with an average of 5.1. 
Quote of the week was ‘I walk slowly, but I never walk backward’. Read and explained beautifully by Josh R.

Entertainment was a ‘Kahoot on Movies’. It would show a picture and you had to guess the movie it came from. The winners were Mr Jeffries and the Year 4s. 

Everyone in Land was excited for Water’s Charity Day on Friday.