Fees & Payment Options

Our fee structure for September 2019 and beyond aims to ensure we provide the best possible educational experience for our pupils, as well as greater flexibility and affordability for our parents. If you have any questions regarding the fee structure, please contact the School Office and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The fees per term from September 2019 for the Autumn Term 2019, Spring Term 2020 and Summer Term 2020 will be as follows:

TERMLY FEES from September 2019           Click here to see the current, 2018-19 Fees

Year Groups

Tuition (Termly)

Lunch & Snacks (mandatory)

Pre-Reception Class

see separate table below


Reception to Year 2



Years 3 & 4



Years 5 & 6



Years 7 & 8



Wraparound Care and Boarding from September 2019

Year Group

Wraparound Care


Breakfast Club

Biscuit Club











Years 4-8




to Year 3


(incl breakfast)

£7.50 per day



(no breakfast)

£2.00 per day

£6.00 per session


£17 per day for all

three sessions


*Sandwich Tea included in the

4.15 to 5.15pm session





Years 4-6

Included in fees

(£2 charge for breakfast)






£15 per day for

both sessions.

*Meal included at 

5.45pm in the 



£30 per night

Years 7 & 8

Included in fees

(£2 charge for breakfast)

Included in fees

1 night per week

included in fees

Click here to see the current, 2018-19 Fees

Pre-Reception Fees


termly price

Termly price when maximum funding is claimed

Termly Lunch & Snacks
per day
(included in fees)

 Morning   Session





 School Day





 Full Day






Important Information

  • A term's notice in writing is required before the removal of a child; otherwise, a term's fees may be charged in lieu.

  • Reduced fees are charged for a third child and subsequent children, while they are attending Holmwood House at the same time (please request further details).

  • The boarding prices include dinner, bed & breakfast, supervised activities and laundry for those boarding on particular nights. (e.g. those boarding on a Tuesday night will have their kit washed for matches the following day.)  Please note that 48 hours' notice is required if cancelling a boarding night, otherwise you will be charged for that night.

  • Boarding: please note if your child does not regularly stay after 4pm, we can arrange for them to stay as part of the activity and prep programme which carries a small charge of £15. Alternatively, you can collect your child at the usual and return them in time for supper at 5.50pm.  If your child is due to board, we will automatically assume that they will be staying as part of the activities programme unless you advise us otherwise. 

Payment of fees

  • Fees are payable termly in advance on the first day of term.  Payment may be made by cheque, Direct Debit, Credit Card, Termly Direct Debit, electronic transfer/internet banking.

  • Payment by monthly instalments is only available via a third party provider. (see below)

  • Delays in the payment of fees are punitive to the majority who pay promptly and interest at 2% per month or part thereof will be levied on all unpaid balances.

  • The school reserves the right to exclude a pupil until such time as the fees have been paid.

Learning Support

  • Individual learning support tuition incurs an extra termly charge of £215, or multiples thereof, based on the number of lessons per week. Parents will always be consulted before extra tuition is provided.

Music Tuition

  • Individual music tuition is provided by the peripatetic music teachers who are self-employed and invoice separately for their services.  If an instrument is hired from the school, a charge of £40 per term will be made.

Fees Refund Scheme

 For parents of existing pupils already included in the scheme

 For parents of new pupils joining the scheme, or pupils who are not already included in the scheme (included application form)