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Assessment at Holmwood

At Holmwood House we provide our children with the opportunities to achieve their potential within an environment where they feel valued, fulfilled, confident and emotionally secure. In order to help identify their potential and track progress we use a broad range of assessment information, including both formative teacher assessment and standardised testing.

We believe sharing standardised assessment data will give parents a picture of how their child is performing against national expectations and help us to work together to ensure each child at Holmwood House reaches their potential. In addition we believe that a key contributor to a child’s progress and attainment is how happy and secure they feel at school and whether they have a positive approach to learning.

With this in mind, it is important that, in addition to assessment data, we focus on your child’s pastoral development; how they have settled in the year group, who they are developing strong social and work relations with, and how we can support their pastoral needs to ensure they thrive academically.

We have introduced PASS (Pupil Attitudes to Self and School) to help us gauge some of these important aspects of your child’s development and progress. PASS helps us get into the mindset of each child and informs our interventions, structures and everyday interactions to help us support your child at school.

It is important that parents read the information below carefully in order to maximise the data contained in subsequent Assessment Reports.

Assessment at Holmwood Letter to Parents

Information about Standardised Tests used at Holmwood


If you would like to learn some more about the tests we use at Holmwood, please click on the following helpful links: