Boarding at Holmwood aims to be rewarding and enjoyable where friendships are strengthened and independence grows. 
Happiness is Holmwood; a true Holm from Home.

We hope that all children in Years 5-8 will board for at least one year before leaving us.  For those children who plan to go on to a senior boarding school, then weekly or casual boarding at Holmwood is a great start where they can gain a boarding experience in familiar surroundings with their friends to develop the necessary confidence.  For those who plan to go on to a day school, this is an opportunity to experience boarding school life.  There is a wide range of opportunities and activities for boarders to explore. 

It should be stressed that Holmwood is not a full boarding school.  The boarding house is open weekly from Monday evening to Saturday morning. 

Welfare and Healthcare

The welfare of every child is paramount.  The Housemistress maintain close contact with parents and all boarders have access to telephones and email.  The Housemistress, her Deputy or the School Nurse are on duty at all times in the Surgery and parents are informed immediately if a child needs to stay in bed or visit a doctor. 


Boarding staff can be contacted by: T:  01206 574305


Boarding Fees

£30 per night

The boarding prices include dinner, bed & breakfast, supervised activities and laundry for those boarding on particular nights. (e.g. those boarding on a Tuesday night will have their kit washed for matches the following day.)  Please note that 48 hours' notice is required if cancelling a boarding night, otherwise you will be charged for that night.



Bedrooms are arranged so that children of the same age share, and notice is taken of friendship groups wherever possible.  The bedrooms are changed every term to encourage the boarders to develop further friendships.  Children are encouraged to take pride in their room, both with its decoration and tidiness.  Girls' rooms are on the top floor and boys' rooms are on the first floor of the main building.


During boarding time, all of the school's facilities are available (ie, Library, Art Room, Computer Suite, Sports Hall, etc).  The cookery room and swimming pool are also used as part of the activities, which are all supervised by the boarding staff.  Qualified lifesaving staff are on hand whenever swimming is offered. 

A large cinema-type TV screen is available for special sports events and lectures.  The Sports Hall is always open for sports activities.  The Music School is open in the mornings for practice after breakfast.

The boarders use the cellars in the main building in the evenings for recreation.  There are facilities for playing pool, table football, air hockey, safe darts and table tennis.  There is also a boarders' television lounge and full-time boarders may watch a DVD on Wednesday evenings.

For more detailed information, please click to view our Boarding Guides:

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