happiness is the key to progress

Welcome to Holmwood house

The Holmwood environment is one in which we strive to develop in our pupils a love of learning, academic rigour and happiness in all that they do.

Here education is a richly varied and ultimately enjoyable journey involving the development of curiosity, creativity, imagination, sensitivity, adaptability, motivation and enthusiasm - not to mention a fair splattering of fun!

The wealth of extra opportunities, the great facilities on offer, and the abundantly apparent family atmosphere, go a long way to creating that experience, whilst the clear dedication and care of the staff are amongst the school's greatest assets.

Happy learning is best achieved by combining freedom with a clear set of rules in an environment where good behaviour, traditional values, and respect for others are expected so that rounded individuals with high self esteem emerge and grow.

I look forward to welcoming you personally to Holmwood House.

Alexander Mitchell

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We recognise that selecting a school for your child will be one of the most important decisions that you will make as a parent, involving much investigation and discussion.

The decision process can be a daunting experience but we are here to help and would urge you to contact the Admissions Registrar, Abigail Wills, who will be happy to guide you through the admissions process.

The admissions office is open throughout the school holidays, as well as term time, so please do not hesitate to contact Abigail Wills via the details below should you require any further information about joining the school.

Only 18 in a class.

Offering excellent facilities, endless opportunities, academic rigour and superb pastoral care, everyone at Holmwood House

looks forward to meeting you.


Why not visit us?

Our next Open Morning will take place on 
Friday 20 March
but we are happy to arrange personal visits throughout the year to meet the Headmaster and to have a tour of the school. To arrange a visit, please call Abigail Wills, Admissions Registrar, on 01206 673750 or email